ArgomTech ARG-CF-1584 Notebook Blue Light Cooling Pad | Adjustable Level, USB Powered


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Notebook Base cooling system, with an entire grid surface that provides total cooling air circulation around your laptop. With a modern design, it offers ergonomic positioning for comfort when using your notebook. It works by connecting to any USB port and has a key on / off for the cooler. Considerably increase the life of your notebook by controlling its temperature and prevent overheating.

Adjustable level with foldable feet.
One large silent fan with 16cm Diameter.
On/Off Key Power Cooler.
2 USB 2.0 ports.
Input Voltage: USB 5V DC.
Rated current: 0.23A + 10%.
Fan Speed: 600RPM +10% & Noise: 25dBA
USB cable length: 60 cm.
Overall Dimension: 345x275x35mm.

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