iMexx Wireless Bluetooth Adapter | USB, Bluetooth 4.0


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The super micro Bluetooth dongle features an ultra small shell, which size is (9×10.6x5mm) almost the same as a coin, making itself truly portable. Incorporated is a Broadcom 2045 Chipset, with Bluetooth V4.0 specification compliance, it provides stable and fast wireless data sharing solution, supports Vista, Skype and EDR, with Legal Address Code and Legal Widcom Software. Delivers raw bandwidth of 3 Megabits per second for wireless applications. Supports Bluetooth Personal Area Network (PAN). Works with Bluetooth Compliant devices including Bluetooth Headphone, Notebook, PDA, handheld PC, Digital Camera, Printer, and mobile phone.

Bluetooth: Provides BT 4.0 to any computer equipped with USB ports.

USB: Works with any USB 2.0 compatible computer.

Small: Being (9×10.6x5mm) means it is almost the same size as a coin.

Compliant: Works with headphones, notebooks, PDAs, Cameras, printers and phones.

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